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Acclaim Practice Software
The longest-established and most comprehensive Australian-designed Professional Practice Management Software for Windows is available for a single computer system or a multi-user system with up to 25 workstations.  The single user system (without charting and patient records) is $975, whilst the full multi-user system is $1,275.  You may upgrade the single user system for $300.

This is undoubtedly one of the most comprehensive, hassle-free and most reliable practice packages in Australia - now recently updated with numerous additional features.  Not only do you get Patient Accounts and Records, Appointments, Recalls and Management Reports, but also Payroll, Bookkeeping, Creditors, Stock Control and many utilities.

You will appreciate the speed and ease of use, together with a unique PIN security system preventing anyone else from reading your patient information from a backup file, even if they have our software. You may read more information below and on the Features and Modules pages.

Click these links for an interactive demonstration showing various screens:   DENTAL   MEDICAL   OTHER PRACTICES

Please phone or text us in Australia on: 0296532323 or 0401579553 to discuss your requirements.  If international, SMS: +61401579553.

We can also design a website for you for $175 a year - please see details below.
Your own website designed, hosted and maintained with a .com domain name all for just AU $175 a year. Phone or text us in Australia on 0296532323 or 0401579553 to discuss.
Website Design and Messaging

We can design, host and maintain your own practice website for just $175 a year.
Click here to see sample sites and then phone us in Australia on:  0296532323 or 0401579553.
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You may also use SMS to remind patients of appointments.  Click here to register.

Reliable, comprehensive software

The Acclaim Practice Software for Windows is fast, robust and reliable, easily learned from a built-in tutorial and free telephone training included in your Software Support and Update Service for which the fees are just $375 for a single user and $396 for the multiuser system each 6 months.
For an obligation-free discussion of your needs phone or text us in Australia on 0401579553.


It is probably true that you won't really appreciate the benefits of a well-proven practice management software package until you have been using it for a few months.

Most practices find it gives practitioners and their staff more time to focus on patient relations and building the practice.

There are, however, many ways in which it will improve your earnings and reduce costs.

You will find that it reduces losses due to human error and, with such benefits as SMS recalls and appointment reminders, your patients will appreciate the improved modern service. If they phone to check when they have an appointment then your staff will be able to answer within 5 to 10 seconds - a vast improvement on the time taken to thumb through a handwritten appointment book.

Not only will your staff save time, but their tasks will become much more pleasant. Indeed our software is designed to achieve just that with colourful screens and Australian photographs throughout.

You will also benefit from the management reports that are produced automatically, including graphs of your financial trends. You can analyse the breakdown of your services over any period, and easily find all patients who have had certain treatment.

Account reminders, recalls and any letters to patients or other practitioners can all be produced with this integrated system.

And perhaps one of the greatest benefits is the security of your records, for it is an easy matter to keep duplicate records of your whole practice on a small USB memory stick you can keep at home so that you no longer need be concerned about losses due to fire or burglary. Isn't it time to modernise and organise your practice with efficient, comprehensive and yet highly economical software?