Update details
Downloaded files must be saved in C:\ATS folder and an "e" added to the file extension for the update unpacking program which is  AcclaimUpdate.exe.  Run this program.

New features in the October 2011 update ... 

You may now have up to six lines in the Particulars column for appointments requiring multiple time slots. 
You can also set up sequence codes for frequently used combinations of services or multi-line descriptions.

On the 'Select account' screen you can now go directly to the Weekly Appointments screen by selecting 'APPT' in the existing account options and then searching for the required name.  You may change names within a family on the weekly screen, however, if you wish to go directly to a patient who is not the first in the family, you may find it quicker to type the full name in the 'Find' box rather than entering the Shortname or account number.

On both the weekly and daily screens you can now press F8 to display the calendar for the next 40 weeks.  Then you can select the date to display simply by clicking that date on the calendar. 

To enter text which does not relate to any particular patient, click the small red clock icon top left of the 'Select Account' screen and then double click the time. 

You may now display and print the daily and weekly appointments, and view a screen for all practitioners in the Days Module, but not alter them in that module.  There is a new feature which will refresh the display automatically every 6 seconds.  A similar facility is available in the Waiting Room item which can only be updated on any one selected computer, but viewed on any other computer using the 'WR' button on Today's Appointments screen,

A new feature on the Entries screen allows use of function keys for your most frequently used services.  Also, there are now 48 F-keys in Appointments. 

There are also new codes for payments which pay the full balance.  This amount will then be entered automatically.